Ignition: A step by step DIY music promotion program

Get your music heard!

Tired of no one listening to your music? Want more people to pay attention, but don't know how? Ignition is a DIY publicity campaign to give you a 12 week step by step guide to get your music heard and gain more exposure.

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Ignition is a step-by-step DIY album and EP publicity campaign program to give you weekly steps to run your own campaign clearly and effectively. All with the intent to increase exposure on your band and get your music heard.

Let’s face it, being in a band is hard enough without all the added pressure of finding exposure. You could play 100 shows in 100 different cities but still only have a handful of likes, follows, and plays on all of your social media sites. Every dollar you have in the torn up “band fund” envelope is going towards buying strings, gas for the van, and fixing that amp that never seems to stop buzzing. If you’re caught between wanting more exposure and not having thousands of dollars to pay a publicist to do it for you, then we have a DIY solution for the DIY musician in you.

We understand that you’ll be investing your time and money into this program, and the results may vary from person to person, but it all revolves around how much effort you are willing to put in. We’re giving you the tools, and the industry-proven techniques for getting your music out, you just have to fill in the blanks. So what do you get with Ignition?

This is what will be included:
A week by week plan to run your own 12 week publicity campaign
Each week will include easy actionable steps to move your band forward even if you’re not entirely sure what publicity means
Tips and tools to gain more exposure for your band including:
Writing an effective bio, press release and pitch
How to create a targeted press list to those who would be most interested in your music
When to release singles and your album to gain the most exposure
When and how to pitch media to increase the chances of exposure even if you don’t have existing relationships

This program is open to all genres, sizes and styles. How do you know if it’s right for you?
You are ready to invest 5-10 hours per week running your own campaign
You don’t get discouraged easily and know good things take time
You’re ready to fully commit to the exposure of your album or EP release and fully put the work in to do it

How do you know if this program IS NOT right for you?
You think it will bring your band instant success and bloggers will come running to cover you after you send the first press release
You hate social media and don’t want anything to do with it
You get easily frustrated and give up at the first sign of defeat

Now go get your music heard!

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